Lunar Calendar for May 28, 2025

Lunar phases for May 28, 2025

On May 28, 2025, the moon is in the New Moon phase. The 1 day of the lunar calendar lasts until 5:10 AM, then the 2 day begins. The Moon is in the sign of ♊︎ Gemini.

The moon's position is calculated for the location Kyiv (50.45°N 30.52°E). Time zone: UTC+3.
May 28, 2025
Lunar Phase:
New Moon
Lunar Day:
5:10 AM
Lunar Sign:
♊︎ Gemini
The moon's position is calculated for the location Kyiv (50.45°N 30.52°E). Time zone: UTC+3.
Second lunar day

The second lunar day is the perfect moment to implement ideas and bold plans that you developed on the first day of the month. Direct your energy towards active pursuits, and relaxation can be reserved for later. Seek new knowledge that may prove beneficial in the future.

The nature of this day underscores the importance of being active during this period and what steps to take for achieving maximum results. You can accomplish anything if you initiate active endeavors right now.

This day is characterized by heightened emotionality and intuition. It's a time for inner reflection and understanding your own needs. While this day may bring a flow of ideas, it can also intensify emotional instability. Exercise caution in relationships and finances. Nevertheless, it's an ideal moment to tap into your inner strength and find solace in activities you love.

Influence of the Lunar Day
Health ✦✦✦✦✧healthFavorable time for wellness activities, physical exercises, and balanced nutrition.
Relationships ✦✦✧✧✧relationshipsNot the best time for social interactions; avoid new acquaintances and limit communication with others.
New Deals ✦✦✦✦✦new dealsTime for active beginnings and successful plan implementation.
Business ✦✦✦✦✦businessPromises success in business, fostering new initiatives, expanding partnerships, financial stability, and effective management.
Travel ✦✦✦✦✦travelIdeal for travel and discovering new horizons.
Haircuts ✦✦✧✧✧haircutsNot recommended to cut hair, but experimenting with hairstyles is worth considering.
Dreams ✦✧✧✧✧dreamsDreams can be very scary but don't come true.